MOSTLIKELY combines architecture, computer graphics and design. Their projects vary from buildings to art installations as well as from videos to product designs, whereas boundaries between branches are most likely free flowing. The Viennese agency was founded in 2012 and is run by Wolfgang List, Maik Perfahl and Mark Neuner. In 2016 Andreas Lint joined for the sudden workshop projects. The work of mostlikely was honored with several prizes and the members of mostlikely continually hold lectures and workshops in the academic field.

MOSTLIKELY team: Andreas Lint, Wolfgang List, Maik Perfahl, Mark Neuner, Christian Höhl, Nikolaus Kastinger, Zarina Belousova

Former members: Robert Schwarz (2012-2014), Kurt Mühlbauer (2013-2015), Eva Tucek, Daniele Roccaro, Eleonora Mauri