The Sandleitenhof belongs to a bigger number of communal houses established during the political period of interwar “Red Vienna”. The communal housing complexes were based on a new visionary program which was expressed by numerous community spaces such as a library, a kindergarten, communal laundry and kitchen and even a cinema.

Today, most of these spaces are deserted as it is hard to open them up for new uses due to an overload of regulations. This rather morbid situation in the Sandleitenhof led us to our project idea of the “die Küchenskulptur” within the cultural festival “Soho in Ottakring”:

In an open workshop we construct together with the inhabitants of the Sandleitenhof and refugees of the bockwerk the idea of “die Küchenskulptur”: a 100m long table which starts within the building and makes its way outside into public space.  The installation will become a place of universal hospitality bringing together all kind of people.

The installation in its full length will be finished at the opening of the Festival. During the festival the installation will be dismounted step by step. The thereby regained wood will be reused for a construction kit for a stool. Every visitor of the festival can build his own stool and sit down at the table. The remaining stools will serve as public seatings of the public spaces of the Sandleitenhof.