LAA AN DER THAYA, Vienna, 2008
art in public space, installation

For an art installation, the brutalist silo was transformed in cooperation with the artists Christian Mayer and Sonja Laimer. „Museum Laa an der Thaya – the new museum for contemporary art will open soon“ was written on the huge poster, which was mounted on the silo. Next to the announcement, a presentation board of the proposed museum was displayed. The inviting design imitated iconic buildings by „starchitects“, while the authenticity of the poster was left to the viewer. An official opening event was organised, as public awareness of the silo was an important part of the project. Does Laa a.d. Thaya need a museum? What are the benefits of a contemporary museum for the city? Is there a place for this type of architecture? What is the role of architecture and art in branding a city?