Marketplace palme 13 – A collective experiment


palme13 is a small market stall at a run down market place called „Schwendermarkt“. It was turned by artists, cooks an filmmakers into a grocery store and off-space for art and culture. Members, as well as neighbors and guests, could use the palme13 as an open space for their social and cultural projects. Cooking as a community-building activity was the main focus. The sudden workshop was part of the experimentation: in an intensive process we developed together with the group behind de palme13 a flexibel interior concept and built it in an DIY workshop.

building time: 8 weeks for structural work, 4 weeks for interior | location: Schwendermarkt, 1150 Vienna | budget: 15.000 € | funding: Kulturförderung der Stadt Wien | client: palme13 | palme13-team: Gerald Kerkletz, Luc Burnier, Magda Tothova, Paul-Julien Robert, Michaela Schmidlechner, Karin Watabe-Wolfger | sudden workshop-team: Mark Neuner, Andreas Lint