The Performa Hub

Mostlikely architecture was chosen among ten other young architects to contribute ideas for the Performa Hub of the Performa 15 biennial. The Performa Hub will be the central meeting point of the biennial, a dynamic locus for an ongoing dialogue throughout the biennial, acting as a kind of living room. Mostlikely proposes an open framework which allows to transfer performative practices to the actual construction of the Performa Hub:

Performative Practice transferred to the construction of the Performa Hub.

We believe that the process of building the Performa Hub is a chance for collaboration and experimentation. We also believe the construction can be a sensual exercise, not only a necessary means to an end.We believe that the building of things allows for experiences that alter the state of mind. We believe that concepts evolve for the better, when the agents of the actual environment are engaged. That’s why we propose a sudden workshop concept that bears the tradition of Black Mountain College, the Bauhaus and recent approaches of crowd constructing. What we do: at the temporary, sudden workshop at the Performa Hub, the local scene and residents of Tribeca will be encouraged to contribute to the process and hence inscribe yet unknown qualities into the project. How we do it: The sudden workshop will be conducted by us and centered on the construction of the spatial dividers.The built-in structures and the furniture will be planned by mostlikely and manufactured by local craftsman. This will balance the minimizing of risks and the beauty of spontaneity. This is how the Performa landscape for encounters will be delivered – cheerful, powerful and beautiful.