Design for a jewellery shop

The central theme of the design process is the interpretation of the myth—Die Entstehungsgeschichte des Schwarzsee—a narrative about the origin of a small lake next to Kitzbühel. The entrance of the gallery creates the illusion of a forest which leads to a clearing. The illusion is created by natural, dark steel sheets which have a lasercut pattern of a forest and are bachlit. The treasure is presented in displays made out of concrete. Gina Müller made an illustration which interprets the myth as if seen through psychedelic glasses. The facade is conceived of as an oversized display, which is hung in front of the existing house. The concept establishes a contemporary gallery in the center of Kitzbühel, which plays with the typical, romantic cliché of the alps.


Fotos: ©
Illustration: © Gina Müller