temporary workshop

The sudden workshop is a mobile workshop and tool for the collective reactivation of the city`s unused spaces. The working method of the sudden workshop is based on seven principles. We call them the sudden workshop MANIFEST:


As a building material, the sudden workshop uses only solid wooden boards with a width of 10 and 20 centimeters.


The number of tools required is reduced to a minimum – the wooden boards are cut exclusively with the chop saw.


the equipment of our sudden workshop can be moved with one car load. On-site, the workshop must be clearly visible.


All participants realize a common idea.


The sudden workshop is initiated as an open, collaborative process.


All built prototypes must be publicly accessible and may not be commercially exploited.


The sudden workshop activates public space as valuable resource for a city and citizens.


sudden workshop team

Christian Höhl, Nikolaus Kastinger, Arne Leibnitz, Andreas Lint, Mark Neuner