In 2015 Andreas Lint and Mark Neuner founded the format of mostlikely`s sudden workshop – a mobile workshop which can be temporarily installed in different locations in order to activate urban space.

temporary workshop

In most cases the proceeding follows similar principles: In a first step, a temporary workshop is established in a vacant space and equipped with a basic set of machines, tools and materials. In the second step, participants are rounded up. As most projects contribute to a public or semi-public sphere, we try to activate local people. Hence, the sudden workshops not only creates a temporary community, but intends to have a longer lasting influence on the local community. The workshop starts with acquainting the participants with the project, the materials, the techniques…etc. Within this phase, the basic concept of the project already gets adapted, enhanced, scrutinized and finally we find ourselves in the middle of constructing it – in a mindful, collaborative way.

basic materials & many people achieve a lot
Through the power of doing, participants coalesce to a new entity. As we work mainly with ordinary materials and techniques we can integrate as many people as possible and make use of their know how. Wooden boards in different sizes belong to our main materials, as most participants are familiar with them and they can be easily cut and joined.