40BLOXX – Pop-Up-Shopping-Mall

The utopia of mobile, transformable spaces, the vision of challenging our static cities and the ways of using it, has already had a long tradition: Design groups like archizoom, superstudio or archigramm have added radical aesthetics to the theoretical discourse, yet only few of these visions have ever been realized. However, the desire for a flexible and mobile architecture remains and will always be of interest for architects and visionaries.

Free of all prevailing concerns Рopen for the new potentials and benefits of a more flexible city  Рwe too would like to challenge ourselves to find an answer to how the utopia could eventually become reality.
The name 40Bloxx derives from the dimensions of a 40-feet shipping container, the largest module that can still be transported through the city by a conventional lorry.
Taking into account the various ways of combination, configuration, location and utilization, the circulation within the modules can then be adapted accordingly. The interior spaces should remain neutral to support the crucial openness in use and are therefore clad with polished aluminium panels where different furniture can be mounted on.
Smaller configurations like a few containers stacked on top of one another in a L-shape could be connected to existing urban structures to temporarily fill unused spaces and be supported by its surroundings like a parasite.
In a large scale installation, combinations of up to 50 containers could be possible, the cluster itself becomes an independent, metabolic megastructure that creates a whole new urban layer – suggesting continuous renewal and organic growth of the city.



location: Wien | principal use: pop-up shopping mall | year: 2013 |