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MOSTLIKELY ARCHITECTURE was founded in 2012 and forms the common ground of the three partners Mark Neuner, Wolfgang List and Maik Perfahl. The office strives for cross disciplinary cooperations, in order to generate a wholistic approach towards architecture. As a consequence MOSTLIKELY ARCHITECTURE develops specific methods and formats which serve as starting point and working tool for the different projects.


The COMMON SPACE TYPOLOGIES aim to transform our cities into a common resource for its inhabitants. The common space typologies offer a new kind of public space: well equipped indoor and outdoor, designed with a lot of effort, shared between the citizens and run by initiatives and communities in partnership with the municipality. The typologies enable us to pursue actively our interests, professions, ideas and needs. By showing the potential of a shared, public infrastructure, the common space typologies encourage us to participate, exchange, support each other and thus to develop a sense of community.


The approach CARE thrives for a new elegance not only through the use of material, light and form but as well through the way these designs get crafted. Over the years we developed close relations with various artisans – many of them having graduated from the university of applied arts and afterwards established unique workshops in the area of Vienna. Bringing together craftsmanship, design and technology, we accompany our clients through the whole process and handle it with dedication up to the smallest detail.


For clients with a moderate budget but interesting ideas we developed the working format of DIY – Do It Yourself architecture. In a fast working process we develop an individual design catalogue for the project. The design catalogue acts as an accurate guidance and helps the client to finalize the project by himself and save money.

project list:

current work
house Klosterneuburg
rooftop extension Novaragasse
Schloss Restaurant Cobenzl
exhibition design La Biennale 2020 Austrian Pavilion, Venice
Common Space Typologies – research
Leones Gelato Nordbahnhof, shop design
pavilion Copa Beach, leisure time
container Donaukanal, hospitality

EFH Hromatka, 2018, Klosterneuburg
EFH Maria Wörth, 2018, Maria Wört
EFH Altausee, 2017, Altausee
EFH Kitzbühel, 2012, Going am wilden Kaiser
EFH Christoph & Romana, 2010, Wien
EFH Binder, 2008, Steiermark

Sanierung Wohnhaus Märzstrasse, 2010, Wien
Sanierung und DG- Ausbau Wohnhaus Sternwartestrasse, 2011, Wien • Sanierung EFH Ulmenstrasse, 2011, Wien
Sanierung EFH Kastenbauer, Berlin, 2017
Sanierung und DG Ausbau Wohnhaus Handl, Wien, 2017

Appartments Lerchenfelderstrasse, 2014,Wien
Appartment Köstlergasse, 2016, Wien
Appartment Seekirn, Seekirn am Wörthersee, 2008

DG Nordbahnstrasse, 2012, Wien
DG Mohrengasse, 2016, Wien
DG Novaragasse, 2019, Wien

Gelato Leones, 2015, Wien
Gelato Leones Freisingergasse, 2019 Wien
Gelato Leones Nordbahnhof, 2019 Wien
Eispflug, 2016,Wien
Nam Nam, 2009, Wien
O`Connors, 2013, Wien
15 16 Brewery Company, 2018
Boxircus Linz, 2019
Stadtbiotop, 2012, Wien
Markthalle Markterei, 2018, Wien

Fassadendesign Hotelkomplex in Zvar, Kroatien, 2012, Wien
Hostel Ruthensteiner, 2017, Wien
Bloomfield Hotel und Freizeitkomplex, 2012, Wien

Samsung office design, 2011, Wien
Westcore, 2013 in Kooperation mit Heim Palb Architekten, Berlin

Schmuck Neuner 1010 Wien, 2010, Wien
Schmuck Neuner 1060 Wien, 2008, Wien
Schmuck NeunerKitzbühel, 2011,Kitzbühel
Möbeldepot Wienzeile, 2011, Wien
Thonet Pop Up Geschäft, 2016, Wien
Edition K, 2009, Wien

exhibition design
Wien Museum Architekturwettbewerb, 2016, Wien
Von Oben, Wien Museum, 2017, Wien

Brick 5 – Kulturkomplex, 2003
Laa a.d.Thaya, 2009

Haus Thonet – Graz (geladen), 2015
Performa New York (geladen), 2016
Nordzeile Yppenplatz (geladen),2018

palme 13 Marktstand, 2015, Wien
Markterei in der alten Post, 2016

Soho in Ottakring, 2016

Creau, 2017
Park macht Platz – Vienna Biennale, 2017

Chandigarh collection
concrete kitchen collection