Boxircus Donaukanal
competition, 1st prize, 2018 – ongoing

The Danube Canal, crossing Vienna’s city centre, has grown to one of the most popular urban recreational areas over the years: In the 19th century used for river bathing, it is nowadays a bustling place where people come to meet, sport, celebrate, play music, eat or relax. Like in many other cities, the waterfront has thus become a highly sought after space and more and more commercial businesses engage in renting the once public areas along the canal.

In order to make the location accessible to different ideas and businesses we created a kind of artificial in- between use situation: on the left part of our plot small containers can be rented only temporarily. In order to provide a high flexibility the containers can be arranged in different spatial set-ups. A consumption free zone with a wooden terrace and large seating steps to abide and contemplate remains open to all visitors.

On the other part of the site a year-round restaurant is situated in a two-story container-installation.

By suggesting flexibility in spatial layout and utilization, different needs will be addressed and a balance between leisure, gastronomy, events, markets and fairs can be achieved.

location: Donaukanal, Vienna 1020 | principal use: gastronomy, pop-up businesses, leisure area | total floor area: 750m2 | year: 2018 – ongoing | design team: Mark Neuner, Christian Höhl, Nikolaus Kastinger