The Küchenskulptur – A 100-meter long urban intervention

The kitchen sculpture, a wooden installation stretching over 100m, was built within the framework of SOHO Ottakring in summer 2016. Winding through a vacant cinema inside Sandleitenhof it slowly makes its way out onto the open street. Designed and built like a red ribbon, the Kitchen Sculpture was intended to bring artists, visitors and neighbours together and to guide them through the festival, which took place inside the council housing building. The sculpture could be used as kitchen, desk, counter, dining table, and seating furniture. During the festival, the sculpture was removed and sawed into construction kits, which visitors later re-assembled into the SOHO Collection.

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building time: 2 weeks construction, 3 weeks destruction | location: Sandleitenhof, 1160 | budget: 15.000 € | funding: Grätzloase, Soho in Ottakring, Fachverband der Östereichischen Hobelindustrie, Verband der Europäischen Hobelindustrie, PEFC | sponsoring: Holzcenter Seca, Sigha | cooperation: Soho in Ottakring, Nut & Feder, Social Kitchen Club | sudden workshop-team: Nikolaus Kastinger, Andreas Lint, Arne Leibnitz, Mark Neuner, Annika Strassmair | Nut & Feder-team: Christian Penz, Lamin, Ugochukwu, Mustapha, Hosep