The aim was to develop a corporate identity which proved to be powerful enough to outlast short-lived fashion trends. Inspired by Adolf Loos—who had the deep insight that it was the subtle treatment and correct application of materials which could produce a real masterpiece—we searched for extraordinarily gifted Viennese handcrafters. Most of them were operating small workshops and were willing to develop prototypes. A massive, raw steel staircase leads to the upper level where the workshop of the goldsmith is housed. The laser-etched pattern of the staircase, which also supports additional functions, lends the shop a unique, recogniseable character. The workshop presents a contrast to the tidy sales area, as it is there where the jewels are produced, new ideas are discovered or palaver with customers take place. The upper part can be understood as a personal space for the goldsmith, which changes according to his ideas and needs.



location: Kärntenstraße 8, 1010 Wien | principal use: goldsmith’s atelier | total floor area: 180m2 | year: 2011 | status: completed | design team: Mark Neuner, Maik Perfahl, Robert Schwarz | photos: Chloe Potter