Leones Gelato 1080

At Leones Gelato in Langegasse the main focus was put on the concrete counter: A light-grey, monolithic block, carefully cast with several different techniques by the sculptor Stefan Buxbaum, which makes for a real eye-catcher. Contrasting to this are the light, delicate lamps: Their design seizes on the so called Pozzetti – Characteristically curved silver shiny lids, keeping the daily locally produced ice cream fresh and flavourful. Slightly altering their shape, we designed and 3D-printed unique lamp shades, which are now hovering above the heavy concrete block to provide a friendly atmosphere. Modular wooden cubes are used as stools or small tables and can be combined freely, possible to adapt to the required spatial set-up or even be completely stowed away under the wooden bench.



location: Lange Gasse 78, 1080 Wien| principal use: ice cream parlour| total floor area: 50m2 | year: 2015 | status: completed | design team: Mark Neuner, Maik Perfahl | photos: Tina Herzl