Public furniture for the city of Vienna

Among three other design studios we were commissioned to design a public bench which complies to the Covid-19 rules. Our colorful furniture invites people to sit down and have a chat while maintaining the necessary safety distance. To support communication, we turned the seating positions slightly towards each other.  A small table between the two seats can be used as coffee table for playing cards and facilitates exchange while making sure to keep physically distant. 

For the production of the bright seating sheets, we cooperated with the European wide collective precious plastic, of which De Plaatjesmakers produced the sheets. The interlocking circles of plastic sheets remind of terrazzo or marble, but actually consist of old fridges and shampoo caps. Sorted, shredded, pressed and cut they make for a durable seating surface, suitable for public furniture.

The coral steel frame construction was costum made in Vienna by Wolfgang Ure. It gives the public bench a solid base and sets a bright and joyful sign in the street scape.




location: Columbusplatz 1010 Vienna, Staudgasse 78 1180 Vienna, Schlesingerplatz 1080 Vienna | principal use: public furniture | year: summer 2020 | status: completed | design team: Mark Neuner, Marlene Lötsch | commissioned by: Stadt Wien, MA19 | plastic sheets: | steel construction: Schwere Ausstattung, Wolfgang Ure