Workshop in CREAU – Urban prototypes for the Krieau racetrack

On a underused part of the former racetrack Krieau, we organized a sudden workshop in cooperation with the Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design of the Technical University Vienna and the agency „Nest“.  During the workshop we designed and built spatial interventions and installations to expand the possibilities of the temporary use and transform the former racetrack into a spatial resource, open for the neighbourhood and visitors. With a team of 25 students, we built four urban installations as prototypes for new urban uses. They have been in use from summer 2017 until autumn 2018.



building time: 2 weeks | location: Trabrennbahn Krieau, 1020 Wien | budget: 15.000 € | sponsoring: MH Massivholz Austria, Verband der Europäischen Hobelindustrie, Formholz, PEFC, Sigha, Synthesa, Baustoffe Quester| cooperation: TU Wien – Department of Spatial and Sustainable Design, Nest – Argentur für Leerstandsmanagement, Nut & Feder | supervisor: Mark Neuner, Thomas Gamsjäger, Wilhelm F. Luggin | students: Maximilian Huber, Simon Cegar, Tobias Amann, Liz Tinaz, Iva Georgieva, Djordje Saric, Florian Freunschlag, Anel Bucan, Florian Pamminger, Aleksandra Firulovic, Anita Aigner, Anna Ulmer, Clement Dürr, Eliana Heltschl, Julia Raffel, Tanja Vucenovic, Rainer Hartl, Kristina Grausam, Julia Tamm, Elaine Mang, Nikola Chytil, Monika Furtner, Julia Gross | photos: Eva Manhart, TU Wien