Park – a prototype for New Creative Work
In collaboration with Team Wien

How can ongoing transitions in the working world be used for new forms of social coexistence and co-working? This question, or challenge, was the central theme of a participatory spatial installation by Team Wien in summer 2017, when a parking lot at the edge of Vienna’s Naschmarkt was used for such a public experiment. Team Wien developed and built a wooden structure to create free to use workspaces for anyone in Vienna. One of the provided infrastructures was an area for wood constructions, where the sudden workshop, together with passers-by, built the furniture for Park . The idea behind the project was to highlight the potential of urban commons and non-profit spaces.

The Park series consists of three basic modules in different sizes that can be stacked or plugged together, allowing for countless combinations and ways of utilization. Individually, each piece can be used as stools, boxes, shelves or room dividers.

Park series: Park Module S, Park Module M, Park Module L

Click here for manuals of the Park series and other sudden workshop designs.



building time: 4 weeks construction, operating the following 3 weeks | location: parking lot at Naschmarkt, 1040 Vienna | budget Park & sudden workshop: 55.000 € | funding: Bank Austria Kunstförderung, Bundesministerium für Kunst und Kultur, Kulturabteilung der Stadt Wien, Departure – Wirtschaftsagentur Wien | crowdfunding at we make it with 106 supporters and 16.572 € | sponsoring: MH Massivholz Austria, Verband der Europäischen Hobelindustrie, Holzcenter Weiss, Holzcenter Seca, PEFC, Wittmann Metallbau, Trevision, Share Me, Zeppelin Solutions | cooperations: Vienna Biennale, Demonstrator der Stadtfabrik, IBA Wien 2022, Nut & Feder, Viadukt Screen Prints, Urban Sync, Kino am Naschmarkt, Sidecar Catering und viele mehr | Team Wien: Leni Enzinger, Daniel Kerbler, Christian Knapp, Quirin Krumbholz, Linda Lackner, Wolfgang List, Gregorio Lubroth, Jonathan Lutter, Daniela Mehlich, Mark Neuner, Anna Paul, Maik Perfahl, Sarah Podbelsek, Bika Rebek, Felix Steinhoff | sudden workshop team: Andreas Lint, Christian Höhl, Nikolaus Kastinger, Mark Neuner, Johnny Stein | photos: Zara Pfeifer