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In 2012 Mark Neuner founded MOSTLIKELY ARCHITECTURE and is responsible for the architectural output of mostlikely. The office strives for cooperation with Viennese protagonists, in order to generate a broad knowledge and experience in the interdisciplinary field of architecture. Another distinctive mark of the office is, that up to date three unique working methods were developed to tackle the different starting points of each project.


The approach CARE drives to define a new elegance through the distinguished use of material, light and form. With CARE we accompany our clients through the whole process and handle it with dedication up to the smallest detail.


For clients with a moderate budget but big ideas MOSTLIKELY founded the branch of DIY – Do It Yourself architecture. In a fast working process we develop an individual design catalog for the project. The design catalog acts as an accurate construction guidance and source of supply listing. Thus, the client can finalize the project by himself and save money.


We understand UTOPIA not as a destination but rather as direction, a way of thinking. The pivot point of the approach Utopia are design strategies which we carefully developed in the course of the last years. They generate unorthodox results with a great deal of surplus. UTOPIA aims at the fantastic!